How to get free cell phone service

Lesson #2

Manual Programming

Step 1

Get a used Sprint cellular phone or some Virgin Mobile phones may also  work from Ebay Pawn Shop under your bed in the closet  ect..

This  BYOD program allows only Sprint compatible cellular devices. Do not activate Blackberry, Palm, or Push-to-Talk phones even if its Sprint based. The phone should not be currently active on any other network, including dead beat accounts with previous service or if it is hot stolen, those phones maybe blacklisted clean ESN only.

check their website for compatibility

Step 2

Register with Ring Plus
enter your phones ESN number if the phone is not hot
Ring Plus will  provide the service code
and instructions on how to program your phone
you have to pay a small fee of 99 cents per each activation and/or number transfer

Plans start as low as
$ 0 dollars = 150 minutes 40 texts

Please note: If you are using a Virgin Mobile phone you will have to enter your  assigned or transferred phone # and msid # manually by entering ##virgin# for programming menu

Sounds too complicated ? sorry kinda geeking out, no worries

Ring Plus will provide you with a new phone or a used phone for as low as $15 to upwards of several  hundred bucks, mostly the cost of Iphones, preprogrammed.

Ring Plus Technical Support  Phone is 310-919-0915

Freedompop is another option they only use  devices exclusive to Sprint however. They only use phones with the Sprint trademark

Their website is

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