Free US Cell Phone Service 101

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US Carrier Basics

They are only four major carriers in the United States
AT&T  T-Mobile  Verizon and Sprint.
Services like Net10  Straight Talk Boost Virgin Mobile are not true carriers.
These services  depend on the 4 major cellular carriers for their operations.
Thus they lease these towers for their service
They are therefore  referred to as a  MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operators.

For instance Boost Mobile  runs off Sprint so does Virgin Mobile.

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Small MVNO example list with there respective parent carrier

Virgin Mobile and Boost = Sprint (prepaid divisions of Sprint)

Tracfone= all 4 carriers ( Tracfone also owns Straight Talk and NET10 thus they also use all 4 carriers  look at the packaging next time you buy one   CDMA-S= Sprint CDMA-V=Verizon GSM-A= ATT  incidentally I used a Net10 cellular  phone CDMA-V for Page Plus for a cheaper plan $12 bought it brand new from walmart thus certain NET10 phones can work on other carriers but thats another subject.

Page Plus= Verizon (an independent MVNO that is very cheap )
Ring Plus= Sprint (a free cellphone MVNO also have with very cheap  plans )
Cricket Wireless=AT&T (an At&T company acquired in 2015)
Assurance Wireless= Sprint/Virgin Mobile ( a free government assisted program)

Budget Mobile = Verizon (a free government assisted program)

To conclude this section all these cellular services share a common bond the 4 main carriers some way or  the other in the US